Saturday, July 23, 2022

FUN with Tromboncino

2 feet long!
One of the most interesting vegetables FUN grows is tromboncino squash (aka zucchino rampicante), an Italian heirloom of vining zucchini. It grows well in the shade and extremely well in the sun. As a Cucurbita moschata variety it is fairly disease and insect resistant (vine borers don’t like the spiny stems) in the humid Northern Virginia climate. Best of all, the food pantry clients love it!

Tromboncino vines

It needs a lot of space to spread and a strong trellis as it loves to climb, producing 15+ foot runners and long, slender fruit with a bulbous end. The necks are seedless so they are very easy to prepare for cooking. 

Sliced tromboncino

  It tastes like firm, mild zucchini and can be used in any dish that uses summer squash. The fruit can be left on the vine until the skin turns creamy-tan (like a butternut) and harvested as a winter squash. Great tasting on the grill, sauteed, or in pasta.

Tromboncino and rigatoni


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