Vision & Mission

The Vision of FUN is to establish food forests and annual gardens to support our diverse community with the ability to empower, to educate, to harvest and to feed neighbors.

FUN's Mission is to establish food forests and annual vegetable gardens in diverse suburban neighborhoods, to produce edible goods as donations to community food banks, food pantries, homeless shelters and other food providers accepting fresh produce in areas local to the garden.

In addition to providing food for the hungry, FUN shall endeavor to educate the interested, promote sustainable use of the suburban environment, and bring together neighborhoods and communities to help those in need of food.

Through the development of food forests and annual vegetable gardens FUN shall:

🥕 Provide free food donations to enable access to healthy, locally grown food for those with food insecurities.

🍄 Promote the benefits of healthy food options and encourage people to experience a variety of fresh foods including introducing new types of food to people.

🌿 Educate and encourage community participation through hands-on learning, guided workshops, school field trips and volunteer projects.

🍅 Teach and guide interested parties how to create and maintain viable food forests and gardens.

🌳 Beautify neighborhoods with green space, by converting unused, overgrown, weed-filled land into space with food producing plants.

🍓 Demonstrate the feasibility and reliability of a food forest and vegetable garden in a suburban neighborhood.

🍐 Promote sustainable resources through the production of a food forest.


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