Thursday, April 11, 2019

Field Trip or should I say Forest Trip

On Sunday April 7th, FUN had the pleasure of touring Forested ( ) under the guidance of our food forest experts, Ronnie (a founder and director of FUN) and Christine. Forested is a ten-acre research forest garden, located in the middle of suburbia. Its practices will serve as the foundation for the food forests we plan to install on each FUN site.
The Entrance to Forested
Food Forests are ecologically savy food producers, giving us fruit, nuts, berries, herbs, and mushrooms in a sustainable way. Forested is a thriving, growing agroforest, proving that food production can be successful with limited impact on the environment. It is a perfect example of what can be accomplished with food cultivation when working with the native ecosystem instead of against it…the diversity and abundance of edibles was amazing.

FUN is excited about establishing food forests at each of its sites and putting into practice the concepts of permaculture. Thank you Forested for the very educational tour!

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