Bee Happy Garden

All food grown in the Bee Happy Garden, along with honey produced by the hives, will be donated to local food pantries, as part of FUN’s mission to address food insecurity within the Falls Church community.

On Saturday September 26th, thanks to Mark, fellow Scouts from Troop 875, friends and family, the first 10 beds of FUN’s vegetable garden were installed on the front lawn of First Christian Church. In 3 hours, this amazing group of people constructed 10 beds, put them in place, filled them with umpteen wheelbarrow loads of soil, and covered the paths with mulch.  We are beholden to Mark who chose this as his Eagle Project and grateful for all those who participated.

Officially named the Bee Happy Garden, as we have beehives at this site. There are plans for expansion at this location. The finished garden will contain 22 raised beds, paved pathways and high-sided beds for access by those who use wheelchairs. You know all about our beehives (hence the name of the garden) which have been very productive at this site. There are also plans for a small food forest on the hillside near the garden.

Thanks to all of you who helped our dream become a reality. Thanks to the Rotary Club of Bailey’s Crossroads for their financial support. Thanks to First Christian Church for the land, donations, and dedication to feeding the hungry. Thanks to Mark, Troop 875, friends and family for your sweat equity. All of your contributions will help provide food for those in need, right here in our local community. 

It Takes a Village

Saturday September 26, 2020, an Eagle  Scout project on the front lawn of First Christian Church will start the first phase of FUN's newest raised bed gardens. Ten raised beds will be constructed and filled with soil, eagerly awaiting planting. We are thrilled to break ground on this new site and look forward to growing more food. A special thanks to First Christian Church for the generous use of their land, their water, and their ever present encouragement. And thanks to Mark for choosing the garden installation as his Eagle project

Many thanks to the Rotary Club of Bailey's Crossroads who generous donation made this possible.

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