Friday, September 29, 2023

FUN this Summer


July 26, 2023

It’s been a banner year in Bee Happy Garden with over 1300 pounds of food donated to the community. Our summer crops flourished, with bountiful harvests of tomatoes, 5 varieties of squash, 3 varieties of cucumbers, green bean, and loads of peppers both sweet and spicy.

5 Varieties of Squash

As we always like to try growing something we haven’t tried before, as well as meet the needs of the clients, FUN decided to grow 2 types of Korean squash, aehobak and puthobak. These are C. muschata varieties and not affected by the dreaded squash vine borer. The squash was a big hit!

In the picture to the left, top row is yellow summer squash and zucchini. Round puthobak, long aehobak, with tromboncino at the bottom.

Two new-to-us varieties of tomatoes proved to be winners: Verona, a large grape indeterminate variety, and Sunrise Sauce, a yellow-gold determinate plum tomato, thank you Johnny’s Select. Romas and stupice varieties added to the collection.
Piccolino, sweet slice and diva cucumbers

Peppers are prolific, thanks to our ardent pepper plant provider, Harry. In the sweet category, we have banana, corno di toro, and shishito. On the hot side of things, we have chili peppers, cayenne, jalapenos, Hungarian wax, and orange habaneros.

We started the fall plantings throughout September.  Kale, collards, rutabaga, cilantro, leaf lettuce, spinach and turnips are growing well. Beets, bok choy, Romaine lettuce, and hakurei turnips will be transplanted soon.

We look forward to sharing the fall harvest with you!

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