Saturday, January 6, 2024

FUN Fall Harvest in 2023 and a Look Ahead in 2024


Harvest October 25, 2023: cilantro, kale, and peppers

Food Uniting Neighbors had a fantastic fall harvest this year! Our garden was overflowing with a variety of fresh produce, including: 3 varieties of lettuce, hearty bok choy and kale, sweet turnips and hakurei turnips, delicious gazelle spinach, cilantro, earthy beets, and for the first time ever, we grew rutabagas!

We harvested our delicious summer peppers until the end of October. At our last harvest for the season in December, our garden was still providing us with beautiful romaine lettuce, vibrant rutabagas, and sweet beets.

Hakurei and globe top turnips 

Black seeded simpson and leaf lettuce


As winter settles in, the FUN team is already dreaming of spring. We're spending our days poring over seed catalogs and meticulously planning our next season's crops. We can't wait to get our hands dirty again and fill our garden with even more fresh, healthy food for our community.

Gazelle spinach

We're hoping that 2024 will blossom with joy and that our next harvest will be even more bountiful than the last. We're looking forward to the next season, sharing our love of growing food, and nourishing our community!

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