Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Strawberry Fields Forever

At the end of April, FUN transplanted the beginnings of a strawberry patch on the side of a hill at First Christian Church. These 60 plants are the start of FUN’s First Food Forest.

Strawberry Patch at FCC
From design to inception, the planning phase of a food forest takes time. It is important to observe the native ecosystem, to determine which plants thrive and how they interact throughout the growing season. To best understand the site you must scrutinize the soil, the climate, the water movement, the wildlife, the topography. Site surveys have been completed every 2 weeks from the start of spring and will continue to the end of fall.

As FUN introduces food producing plants into the ecosystem we will have done our research, giving the plants the opportunity to flourish year after year and become a vital part of the vegetation. Food Forests are sustainable, regenerative sources of food. 

Here’s to strawberry fields forever!

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