Monday, May 17, 2021



To make a dream a reality takes time, dedication, hard work, AND the support of others. FUN-filled thanks and appreciation to Andrew whose Eagle Project helped turn a dream into reality.

The past Saturday, Andrew, fellow Scouts from Troop 875, friends and family, installed an additional 10 raised beds at the Bee Happy garden on the front lawn of First Christian Church. In  a few hours, this wonderful group of people constructed the beds, put them in place, filled them with soil and mixed in compost.  FUN is grateful that Andrew chose Bee Happy as his Eagle Project and thankful for all those who participated.

Immediately following the raised bed installation, a second set of amazing people - the DIG Garden Club from Bishop O’Connell High School along with volunteers from the local community – installed trellises, then planted seeds and seedlings. The garden is now filled with potential - many varieties of tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, peppers, squash and more. All food grown at Bee Happy will be donated to 2 food pantries within 1.5 miles of the garden…Spend Yourself Food Pantry at Crossroads Columbia Baptist Church and The Dar Al Hijrah Mosque Food Bank.

FUN is truly indebted to all those who helped us in our quest of Bee Happy Garden. Thanks to the Rotary Club of Bailey’s Crossroads for their financial support. Thanks to First Christian Church for the land, donations, and dedication to feeding the hungry. Thanks to Andrew and Troop 875, thanks to DIG garden Club, thanks to friends and family. Thanks to the seeds companies for their generous donations. Thanks, not just from FUN but from all those who will be helped through your support of this project.

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