Friday, September 4, 2020

Don't worry, BEE happy!

Sarah with a portion of the honey harvest.
Sarah with a portion of the honey harvest!

Last September FUN told you about the installation of their first beehive at First Christian Church and the importance of bees in food production. This past July, FUN’s beekeeper Barbara harvested our first batch of honey! FUN was thrilled to donate the honey to the Dar Al Hijrah Mosque food pantry. We are very excited to have expert pollinators on site with our next adventure – a soon-to-be-built 22 bed garden. And we have the added benefit of our own honey factory which can spread sweetness to others. The bees were so busy (pun intended) that it was necessary to expand into a third hive. Thanks Barbara!

At Peace Garden, we had a very successful summer growing food. From April to August, over 500 pounds of food have been harvested, with donations going to the Crossroads@Columbia Spend Yourself Food Pantry and Annandale Christian Community for Action Food Pantry.

The most FUN we had this summer was in our corn patch. We tried 2 of the 3 sisters method of planting, growing corn and green beans together. Pole beans use the corn stalks as supports and functioning as nitrogen fixers, convert this mineral into a form that plants can extract from the soil. 
The corn has been harvested, the beans are just starting to fruit.

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